Finance Consulting

Access to Capital Readiness

We work diligently with lending institutions, and utilize our relationships to get our clients the funding they need to grow and support their business.

  • Starting a New Business
  • SBA Financing
  • Alternative Financing
  • Specialty Financing
  • Lending Readiness

Credit Management

Get Credit Fit

To qualify for a business or commercial loan, a borrower must meet the minimum credit score requirement. If the score is below the minimum requirement, an agent will arrange for credit management services through one of our partners to help increase the score and qualify for a loan.

  • Credit Management
  • Credit Analysis
  • Credit Prep for Financing

Finance Literacy

Educating Clients First

First time applying for a business loan can be daunting, that's why we feel it's important to educate client's on the various funding programs, terms, and options available before making a decision.

  • Step by Step Assistance
  • Get Matched with Right Lender
  • We Stay with You all the Way
  • Training and Seminars

  • Learn More

Successful Economic Solutions

Job Creation

We understand the power of many and are committed to building communities, and businesses. In the interest of our client's growth and success, Wadeco Capital believes in creating harmonious strategies which will create and retain jobs.We have successfully created more than 350 new jobs and retained over 200.

Business Expansion

Our power packed team is dedicated to helping growing businesses expand to new heights, through financing and technical assistance. We know every business is unique, that's why we don't create "one size fits all" strategies. It's important to understand the client's vision, goals, and ideas. This is how Wadeco Capital differs from competitors. We put our clients in the driver seat, and not the other way around.

Company Solutions

Why You Need a Finance Agent

Our solutions are designed to educate and help small to medium sized growing companies become competitive in the marketplace, and be cash strong.

Through our partnerships, we are able to offer all-in one solution which gives our client's the comfort of knowing Wadeco Capital will walk, talk, and educate them through the processes and that we work tirelessly on their behalf.

Example: Bob was seeking funding in the tune of $250,000. After weeks of going back and forth with a lender, the loan officer finally tells Bob "we can't fund you". Bob asks-why? You'll get a letter in the mail, she said. Bob gets the letter which reads "unfortunately due to your low credit score and lack of cash flow, we're unable to fund your request at this time". Then Bob finds Wadeco Capital. An agent went to Bob's place of business, listened to his concerns, evaluated the situation, then the agent determined he was a good fit for one of our programs. Afterwards he agrees to retain Wadeco Capital as his finance agent (yah!). Immediately, the agent created a plan of action conducive to Bob's needs (credit, lack of cash flow, and limited down payment). Two months later, Bob's credit score increased exceeding SBA's requirement, improved cash flow by 20%, and was able to finance his project without using his home as collateral.

SBA Certified Technical Assistance Provider