Services Overview

Loan Packaging

What is Loan Packaging? Also known as "Origination" It's the process of collecting all required personal and financial documentation, for some form of financing which can be presented to a lending institution. Wadeco Capital takes it a step further. We don't just collect documents, we review, analyze, and prepare documents in a fashion that is satisfactory to a lender. Our Business Development Officers (BDO) are seasoned originators and knows what a lender wants, and how to present a borrower's package for approval. This saves the borrower money and excessive fees charged by the bank.

Cash Flow Analysis

Wadeco Capital has helped more than 600 businesses secure financing, launch a new venture, and increase cash flow. We use the same financial systems as banks, investors, and large accounting firms to determine a business' cash position. Our services are designed specifically to help small businesses, and at a small business price. Utilizing 16 years of industry experience and functional expertise, Wade Institute goes beyond the norm to develop new insights, drive results, and help grow your business.

Technical Assistance

Wadeco Capital (formerly Wade Institute) is a Technical Assistant Provider, certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA). We provide business development services to businesses throughout the country, in areas of startup assistance, business planning, and finance consulting, and coaching.

We Walk our Clients Through the Process, Step-by-Step

Assess Financial Position

First step is qualifying a borrower by assessing personal and business cash flow and financial position.

Determine Best Option for Financing

Second step-determining best options for funding based on assessment. We have lenders suitable for just about any credit situation.

Package Loan and Get Financed

Lastly-collect additional documentation, package the proposal, and submit. We know it can get overwhelming and frustrated working with a lender. That's why we will never leave your side.

Cash Flow Analysis

Starting a Business or Expanding

We can project business' cash position for three years, examine current cash flow and operations, make recommendations to increase growth margins, and create a new cash flow plan.

Securing Financing

If you're planning to apply for a loan, the lender will request financial projections. Wadeco Capital will assess the business cash flow trends and position before applying for a loan, help you to see what lenders are looking for in a quality borrower, and prepare three years financials for submission.

Selling a Business

When selling a business, it's important to provide the buyer with adequate financial details about the business, which includes a reasonable and fair purchase price. We can perform a valuation analysis by assessing the business cash flow history and assets. A detailed valuation report will be prepared to help you make an informed decision and get top price for the business.

Technical Assistance

Business Plan Assistance

First, let's DEBUNK the business plan myth. A business plan "is not" just for financing. Every business owner who desires to grow and expand their business, should have a formal business plan in place. We have assisted hundreds of business owner's in preparing a plan, conducive to their vision and goals to drive growth and profitability. Our team has more than 25 years' experience in strategic planning and preparing business plans, for startups and small to mid-sized businesses in varying industries.

Business Model Integration

Many businesses struggle because they don't understand their business model.

What is a Business Model? A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.
We use a system and process unique to Wadeco Capital, coupled with a business model map designed by Alex Osterwalder, creator of the 9 Building Blocks of a Business Model Canvas.

Our team help business owners' define their model, test theory/hypothesis (assumed customer needs), and convert into an action plan.

Work Flow Process Management

We work with managers and business owners to:

  • understand systems, grasp key concepts and identify processes in need of consistency and improvement.
  • understand how their processes work and how to optimize them within existing disciplines and protocols.
  • achieve better process management, performance, and productivity.
  • enable the organization to quickly respond to market opportunities and changes.
  • save money and increase cash flow, by becoming more efficient and effective with streamlined processes.

SBA Certified Technical Assistance Provider