Alternative Loans Overview

Merchant Financing (AR)

What is Accounts Receivable financing? Accounts receivable financing (A/R financing), which is also known as factoring, is the conversion of a company's business (or gov't) accounts receivable (invoices) into immediate cash by selling those invoices at a discount. A/R financing is not a loan. There is no interest or any principal to repay. This type of financing evens out cash flow -- eliminating cash crunches -- allowing you to take on new and larger customer orders, purchase more supplies/inventory/ equipment, and, in essence, help your business grow. It turns a "dead" asset (your invoices) into a "live" asset (immediate cash) that you can use now.

Minimum Vantage score is 627.
  • 2 years in business
  • 2 years seasoning on a bankruptcy discharge
  • Primary residence mortgage and Business rent must be current
  • 2 years seasoning on primary residence foreclosure
  • 2 years foreclosure is ok on 2nd home and investment property
  • Open tax liens are OK if they are in a documented payment plan:
  • 2 years old: No documentation required up to $2,500, Document liens over $2500.
  • 2 years old: No documentation required up to $5,000, Document liens over $5,000.
  • 80% of ownership must personally guarantee the loan

  • Cash Flow:
    Average daily balance $3,000
    3 Day Approval
    *Funding Amounts: $5,000-$5,000,000 Learn more about AR Financing

401K Financing

Can't qualify for a conventional loan to start a business? Leverage your retirement funds. This type of financing is not credit based and you are not be penalized for using the funds as a down payment on a loan, or in combination with other forms of financing to increase buying power. *(Funds must be re-payed within 12 months)

Loan proceeds may be used to enhance a company's export development, participate in foreign trade shows, support standby letters of credit and translate product literature for use in foreign markets, to finance specific export orders, expand production facilities, and purchase equipment inventory or real estate.
  • Can be used in conjunction with SBA loan
  • Simple and fast
  • Converts restricted cash to liquid cash
  • Business becomes profitable sooner

Soft Money Bridge Loan

Need a bridge loan to purchase commercial real estate *(non owner occupied and owner occupied)

  • Close in 2-4 weeks
  • Non seasoned properties (no stabilized rental income)
  • Interest only available 1-5 years
  • 600 credit score
  • *Funding Amount: Up to $750,000

Hard Money Micro Financing

Need capital in 7 days? This may be the loan for you.

  • Not credit driven
  • Stated income
  • 2 page application
  • In business 1 year
  • Generating cash flow
  • Collateralized with automobile

  • Funding Amount: $5,000-$100,000

Asset Based Financing (Revolving Line)

Seeking to convert a company assets into working capital. Giving a security in an asset(s) in exchange for cash.

  • Revolver based on A/R and Inventory with advance rates up to 90% of A/R and 50% of raw and finished inventory.
  • Prospect revenues are between $2MM and $100MM with credit needs of $250MM to $5MM.
  • Closing typically occur within 3 weeks of the LOI being signed.

Equipment and Large Production Financing

Medical Centers, Dental Offices, Surgical Centers, Gas Station, C-Store Expansion, Car Wash, Auto Repair, Franchise Restaurants, Manufacturing, Truck/Trailer...etc.

  • One page application
  • Production-$250,000
  • Equipment-$500,000

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